Translation services

Tamarind at the 20th Meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee of Experts

In early February, we provided our services to one of the biggest events in Kenya so far this year: a committee of experts that is a statutory organ of one of the regional bodies in Sub-Saharan Africa hosted a week-long meeting in Nairobi. We provided Interpretation and Simultaneous Interpretation equipment to the more than 250 international delegates, with the key language pair being English – French.

Promoting Regional Integration

We started the year by crossing borders, into neighboring Somalia. It was a unique assignment as up until recently, the country has been faced with more than 20 years of civil war and the effects of the war have made the country not conducive for any meetings. We provided our simultaneous interpretation equipment in the capital, Mogadishu to a media organization working to strengthen the capacity of media, helping alleviate the ravages of war, strengthen democracy and facilitate dialogue.