Translation software

Today’s technology offers computer-aided translation tools (CAT) that efficiently assist the translator and facilitate the translation process considerably. These tools have revolutionised the approach to translation as it offers opportunities for recycling texts that have already been translated.
Translation tools are aids which serve to improve quality as the terminology becomes consistent.

The benefit of CAT tools for our customers is:

  • Quicker delivery
  • Consistent terminology

Translation memories

  • Each sentence that the translator produces is stored along with the source sentence in a database called a translation memory. The tool matches each new sentence against previously stored translations, maintaining consistency within and across documents.
  • The majority of translators worldwide use translation software. The customer benefits in quicker turnaround times, consistent terminology and lower rates.
  • Translation memories are customer-specific, and are managed using the same secure procedures as all other material.
  • We also offer training on the use of the SDL tools to translators and organisations.

Tamarind Language Services is the leading reseller of the industry standard software SDL Trados in over 15 countries in Africa. We also offer training on the use of the SDL tools to translators and organisations.


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